It Totally and Completely Depends.

Let me preface this with the context that this writing is therapy homework. A blog post and homework all in one. Brilliant. I mean, if you have to kill two birds, you may well use one stone. I call it genius, others probably call it lazy. (off topic, but I don't support the killing of … Continue reading It Totally and Completely Depends.


To The Bone, a Recovery Reading.

In year 11 and 12 I did top level English. It was an interesting experience for all involved in my education. I was a bit of a mess at that point in my life and had sub-zero confidence in my ability to have an actual opinion on anything. Despite this, one of the most important … Continue reading To The Bone, a Recovery Reading.

Let Your Mornings Be New

Wake up, rub the sleep and flaking mascara from your tired eyes, drag yourself out of bed. Stumble to the bathroom, wherever it is in this empty quiet house that probably isn’t your own. Stare yourself down in the mirror. You look like some kind of 1950’s horror movie extra. Lips are so chapped they’re … Continue reading Let Your Mornings Be New