training wheels.

I still remember learning to ride a bike. My first bike was tiny, bright fluorescent pink with white tires and training wheels that were permanently attached. I outgrew it fast and it was passed down to my younger brother who told me that it was not pink, rather faded red and also a motorcycle. It … Continue reading training wheels.


A Bell Jar of Stress and Trying to Leave it. 

I accidentally reached the point where who I am as a person is synonymous with being stressed, which was entirely unintentional and not the dazzling personality trait I'd hoped for. Maybe we all should have seen it coming when my Mother used to say I had frog fingers thanks to my bitten away nails making … Continue reading A Bell Jar of Stress and Trying to Leave it. 

On Having Anxiety, Part 2//A Reflection

Part 1// I’m 18, a university student and part time admin assistant. I was sitting in my very first psychologist’s office, staring blankly at a wall, trying to ignore the sense of impending doom in my chest. We'd been discussing life, and I'd decided that it wasn't a thing I wanted to do anymore. "I … Continue reading On Having Anxiety, Part 2//A Reflection

On Having Anxiety

I have anxiety. More specifically, I have Panic Disorder, meaning I experience frequent panic attacks with no identifiable trigger. I also have Generalised Anxiety Disorder in the sense that I am frequently anxious about any number of things without any real understanding as to why. Although I didn't receive a diagnosis until after I started having Panic … Continue reading On Having Anxiety