If you were to talk about me in high school yearbook terms, I would probably be ‘most ambitious’, while simultaneously being ‘least likely to succeed’. I have an incredible talent for dreaming big, but crashing and burning before actually getting anything done. But that’s enough on that.

I’m twenty-one, ex-competitive dancer, student, Christian, feminist, writer of constant nonsensical words, believer in love, and all around annoying person. I just have a lot of thoughts.

After completing a year of Theatre Arts and Film Making at Curtin University in Western Australia I’m now working towards a Diploma of Applied Social Sciences, majoring in Youth Work. After this I have precisely no idea what I’m doing with my life, although I have a strong interest in Psychology, Social Work, and Art Therapy. I also have a third of a degree that I like to pretend I’ll do something with one day.


I began writing and making my appearances online when I was ten, in the form of a badly written, three to four sentence updates on my life. I hope that (despite my inability to actually form a logical paragraph) I have improved slightly.

Brittsinthesky is my place for thoughts. Hopefully a collection of research, probably mostly ramblings of a twenty-something with an internet connection and inability to sleep.


Beating Eating Disorders, September 2017

Beating Eating Disorders, November 2017


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