hi, i’m britts.

22. Jesus Feminist. Dancer. Very bad at autobiographies, apparently. Once wrote and directed a substandard short film. University student and chronic underachiever.

I’m Britts! (short for Brittany Amelia, long for Brii).

I’m twenty-one, an ex-competitive dancer, psychology double major, Christian, feminist, writer of constant nonsensical words, believer in love, and semi-professional mess.

I write about faith, life, mental health, and the strange mess that occurs when these all collide. I believe in telling stories and speaking inconvenient truths.


I began writing and making my appearances online when I was ten, in the form of badly written, three to four sentence updates on my life. I hope that (despite my inability to actually form a logical paragraph) I have improved slightly.

Now I write often and publish infrequently.

Brittsinthesky is my place for thoughts. Hopefully a collection of research, probably mostly ramblings of a twenty-something with an internet connection and inability to sleep.


Beating Eating Disorders, September 2017

Beating Eating Disorders, November 2017